Hi, we are
Lorraine and Ross

together we own and manage Encore Carpet professionals

The knowledge and experience we have gained over the years is priceless in helping our clients with their carpet issues

Our Mission

We Work with and Specialise in helping our clients:

Solve their carpet problems quickly and effectively

  • Solve their carpet problems quickly and effectively
  • Protect and maintain the presentation of their properties and and commercial enterprisesSave time and money by providing a professional consultation service of what options are available
  • When you choose Encore Carpet Professionals you are choosing a company that has built their reputation on a foundation of trust , reliability and authenticity.

Meet Lorraine and our Team

For as long as I can remember I have always had a love for looking at house plans, colour schemes and decorating. The career of my dreams would have been to become an Interior Designer, however financially that wasn’t an option for my parents so I joined the banking industry. Several years later I got married to Ross, retrained to become a cosmetic consultant and started working for the Myer corporation at the Bendigo store. It was while we lived in Bendigo that Ross and I built our first home. I had such fun selecting all the exterior and interior finishes, paint colours, window treatments and floor coverings. Life was good. New home, secure employment, friends and family.

A new beginning

Ross and I are always looking for new opportunities and so we decided to relocate. In July 1982 we waved goodbye to the dismal weather in Bendigo and moved to Rockhampton in sunny Queensland, where we launched Springcrest Window Furnishings. Ross ran the head office and did the installations of pelmets, blinds and curtains and I was in the showroom selecting fabrics and designing window treatments for our clients. We were in our element. Then a few years later, I was asked to consult with clients, who were building new homes using Monier Roofing Tiles and PGH Bricks. This two hour consult would give a fully documented list of all the interior and exterior decisions their builder/developer would require them to select. It covered everything from exterior paint colours to door handles on the kitchen cupboards.

When it all falls into place

The knowledge and experience we have gained over the years is invaluable when it comes to serving our customers well. Today with Encore Carpet services we are solving people’s carpets problems and help them feel special in their own home. It gives us utter satisfaction to re-colour, replace and transform a damaged carpet that was declared a lost cause. The feedback we get from customers is amazing and motivates us to achieve the best possible outcome. What makes the difference with Encore’s Carpet Services is the fact that we set standards that we would be happy with if it was our own home.
The most rewarding aspect is catching up with clients after the project is finished and seeing first hand how delighted they are with the results. Over the thirty or more years that Ross and I have been in business, the thing we value the most, is the trust and faith our clients, many of whom have become longtime friends, place in us. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. Best wishes, Lorraine Pearson
“If you do what you love you will never work another day in your life”
- Marc Anthony

Who we are


Lorraine Pearson

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Ross Pearson

Partner Owner

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