Encore Carpet Repair - Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all the answers to our most frequently asked questions on our carpet repair services here. Read on to see which carpet repair service best suits your carpets needs.

How do I clean my carpets after they have been re coloured?
Use a reputable carpet Cleaning company. We recommend Hot water/Steam cleaning above any other methods. If you don’t have a preferred company we can also provide this service to keep you carpets looking their best.
Will the dye come off?
No our carpet dyes are colourfast on Nylon and Wool carpets, so they will not wash out or rub off onto clothing or soft furnishings.
Is it safe for my family and pets?
Yes, Our carpet dyes are what are known in the industry as Water Soluble Disperse dyes. In other words the dyes pigments are mixed with the water and once the dye is applied to the carpet the colour becomes locked into the dye sites.
Do I need to shift my furniture?
Yes, all carpeted areas must be cleared of furniture prior to our arrival. If you have a lot of furniture or are unable to do this yourself, we can arrange for a removalist for an additional fee.
My carpet has yellow or orange patches on it?
Unfortunately you have stripped the colour out by using cleaning products like Preen vanish, Spray and Wipe, Windex, or Beauty products like Pro Active/ Acne creams, Blonding shampoos or baby wipes. The list is endless. We are able to do a spot dye on these areas so they are no longer visible.
How long will the dye last?
It’s permanent and colour fast. However if the fibres have been abused or are chemically damaged then these areas will loose their colour more rapidly. As carpet dyes we can only recolour the carpet not repair the damaged fibres.
I have green patches on my carpet?
These are caused by high acid and often the result of Gastric Reflux from babies, children.adults or pets. We are able to do a to neutralise these areas and do a recolour so you won’t see them anymore.
My carpet is still in good condition but it’s faded?
We offer a colour rejuvenation service that is cost effective and will bring your carpets back to their original colour and you won’t need to move all of your furniture.
Can you help me with pet stains?

Yes we can often lighten the pet stain and then recolour it to match the carpet.

What guarantee do you give?
All of our dyes and products and Guaranteed Safe for the environment and Colourfast on wool and nylon carpets excluding areas that have prior chemical damage or abrasion.


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