About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

At Encore Carpets, we provide a wide range of carpet cleaning suited to any need, carpet type or damage. Based in the Gold Coast, we provide carpet cleaning services to all over the Gold Coast, Northern New South Wales, Tweed Heads, Redcliffe and South Brisbane.


Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning service we recommend depends on the damage of your carpet. For an intensive overall clean, we recommend our premium cleaning service. This service is suited to all types of carpet, including wool, nylon and polyester fibre. This clean is perfect for refreshing your carpet, getting it to look like new again. Our cleaning products are guaranteed not to strip or damage your carpet, whilst providing a deep clean to remove all non-indelible stains, dirt and grime.


Specialised Stain Removal

Our carpet refresh service can include specialized stain removal. This service is tailored to eliminate indelible marks, beverage spills such as wine, cordial, tea, or coffee and food stains. Our years of expertise enables us to lighten and remove even the toughest stains.


Spot Dyeing

For small bleached spots and lighter areas, we recommend our spot dyeing service. This treatment is also ideal for areas where the colour of your carpet has been stripped out by cleaning products or acne treatment creams. No matter the colour of your carpet we can colour correct those damaged, faded areas to blend back to the original carpet.


Carpet Recolouring and Replacement

We also offer an array of carpet recolouring and replacement services. This includes our colour rejuvenate service, which can restore the original colour of carpets that have become old or faded. We can also completely change the colour of your carpet using our specialised colour change service. For more info about our carpet recolouring services, please click here.

If you’re looking to replace your carpet completely, please click here to see our new carpet options. We can completely replace your carpet with the carpet of your choosing, including disposing of the old carpet for you.


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“We moved into a house where we disliked the colour of the carpet. Despite it being in reasonable condition, we were going to replace it until we found out about carpet dyeing. This was a great option for us, as we only had to spend around a quarter of what we would have done for the new carpet. Very happy we chose this option. A professional and caring company that we would recommend to others.”

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