Carpet quality can be deceiving. Whilst your plush pile might look nice and in good nick, underneath the surface, your carpet may be more damaged than you realise. If you aren’t sure when it’s time to say farewell and replace your shag pile, the following signs will help you decide.

Stubborn stains

It’s almost impossible to prevent stains on the carpet. It doesn’t matter how stain resistant your carpet is guaranteed to be, over time the stain resistant finish that most carpets come with deteriorates, leaving your carpet unprotected. If self-cleaning has stopped working, and the professional carpet cleaners are finding it difficult to remove them, then it’s time for some new carpet. Whilst professional carpet cleaners have many tricks for removing those stains, once they have penetrated the padding beneath your carpet it’s only a matter of time before mould and other nasties set in.

Stinky piles

If there’s a persistent smell coming from your carpet that you can’t eliminate, then it’s time for a change. If you have pets or kids or are a bit clumsy, spills are inevitable. Food, dirt, urine, vomit and all the other lovely biological odours of life will find their way into your piles. If the smell remains stubbornly obvious even after a professional cleaning, that means its time to visit your nearest carpet store.
Stair image with worn carpet

Wear, tear and paper-thin padding

It doesn’t matter how tough or durable your carpet is guaranteed to be, after years of feet, paws and furniture your carpet will show signs of wear. The type of carpet largely depends on how it will wear. For example, polyester carpets are prone to matting and easily lose their form. However, nylon carpets are known to be more resilient and easier to clean. 

Another sign of wear are tears. With all the action your carpet sees, tears are likely to occur. A professional can fix small tears, but large tears may mean the whole carpet needs to be replaced, especially if a tear has occurred in the main walkway.

All of this wear also affects the supportive padding that separates the fabric of the carpet from the floor. Over time, the padding starts to wear down and deflate, leaving your carpet limp and uneven. What’s worse, the padding also absorbs spills and smells, making it even weaker and less supportive. Once the padding is compromised, there’s no going back.

How old is your carpet?

With a strict no-shoe policy, regular professional cleaning and obsessive- compulsive like maintenance you may be able to prolong the life of your carpet for a while but not forever. Whilst manufacturers can give you a good idea of the supposed lifespan of your carpet (usually 10 years) in time, your carpet will deteriorate. If regular cleaning isn’t bringing it back to life, or it feels flat, limp and rough then it’s time to make a change.

Allergies acting up

Cushy carpets might feel nice under foot, but all of that plush material makes a fantastic breeding ground for little nasties like dust mites, mould, mildew and other allergens. Older carpets have a reputation of retaining these allergens, so if you or anyone in your family has started to show signs of potential allergic reactions, your old carpet may be to blame.

An Updated Style

Fashions come and go. When you step into the room, does it feel like you’re back in 1970? Old carpets can make a room feel old, out-dated and tired. It’s likely that a carpet from many years ago will not do any favours for the current style of the room.

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Over to you

 What or when do you think it is time to replace your carpet?

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