I was talking with my girlfriend Sharon the other day about her new car. Here’s a snippet of our conversation.
“Hi Shaz, How are you?”
“Great, Cameron bought me a new car.”
“How fabulous. What colour is it?” This was my first question I didn’t care about the make, model or features

“Black the same as yours” was her reply
“Oh I said my car isn’t black, it’s Opal but you would think it’s black, actually it’s a very deep iridescent purple in the sunlight.
“I would never had guessed that” she said.

Colour has always been utmost in my mind. Whether I’m painting and decorating, choosing a lipstick or preparing a meal (that sounds a bit obsessive compulsive dosen’t it?) it’s the colour that must be right regardless of anything else. Needless to say if your reading this you may be also be nodding your head in agreement.
Why is this? Because colour is one of the biggest factors that can influence our emotions and stimulate our senses. It has the ability to change our mood, increase our appetite, strengthen our resolve and even make us feel ill.

Over the next few blogs I’ll be talking more about how to use colour in your world.

Oh and Shaz’s new car? It’s a Honda