Carpet Pet Stains – Get Rid Of Them For Good

“Mum, Mum, please can we get a puppy?” your child screams as you pass by the pet store en-route to Woolies.
Trying to peel his face off the now fogged-up window pane (with your hand) of the Pets In Paradise shop you start to run through your list of reasons why this isn’t a good idea.
My list included things like they’re too expensive, You’ll need to feed him, walk him, toilet train him, etc. etc. Not to mention the drain on the family budget with vet bills and vaccination expenses. None of these valid reasons stop the continual onslaught from your little darling and you finally cave.

Here’s a few carpet pet stain tips on how to clean and care for your carpet when that doggie doodoo happens.

Firstly, if it’s feces (poo) remove as much as you can by lifting it off the carpet, rather than pressing, wiping or pushing it into the fiber.
Now make up a solution of warm water (500ml) white vinegar (1/2 cap) Eucalyptus oil (2-3 drops) mixed in a jug. Pour it onto the effected area agitate with an old plastic spoon and then blot with a clean dry towel. Hopefully this should be all that is required.

If on the other hand if it’s vomit or gastric reflux, this can strip the colour or turn the carpet green. Still use the above recipe to clean the carpet However, you may need to call us on 1300 558 794. We will be able to do a recolour to only the effected area which will save further stress from the possibility of having to replace the carpet.

Finally, it’s been our experience that it’s not the pet stain that’s the problem. It’s the cleaning products pet owners use in an attempt to fix the mishap.
Cleaning products will permanently damage the fiber and stripe the colour. It’s a bit like using peroxide to strip the colour from ones hair. The only way to remedy this it to have one of our professional dye technicians come and recolour it for you.

Enjoy and embrace the experience of being a pet owner. They will make you laugh, cry and bring you many years of companionship and loyalty that really far outweighs any doggie doodoo.


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